Avcorp is committed to continually expanding its list of capabilities to develop solutions that drive productivity and next generation applications.


Avcorp uses advanced in-house technologies, robust practices, and a strategically-sourced supply chain to provide leading aircraft OEMs with solutions that keep their programs on budget and schedule.

We offer comprehensive capabilities for sheet forming, processing and finishing, composite fabrication, precision machining, along with full assembly and systems integration services. In-house NDI, tooling and engineering resources support our manufacturing offering to provide our customers with complete aerostructure solutions.

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Avcorp manufactures metallic and composite components for some of the world's leading aircraft suppliers. We fabricate a wide range of components; from detailed metallic parts, to flat floor panels, to very large, complex-shaped composites structures. 

We have a proven track record of meeting challenging requirements, making use of our expertise, technologies and a robust global supply chain that provides our customers with best value solutions. 

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Avcorp is invested in composite fabrication technologies that support future demands of improved aircraft performance. Our layup, autoclave and machining technologies allow us to fabricate very large composite structures and complex-shaped components. Avcorp has additional expertise in out-of-autoclave technologies that allow for rapid, low-cost fabrication solutions.

  • Automated fiber placement
  • Automated tape laminating
  • Hot drape forming
  • Autoclave & hydroclave curing
  • Out-of-Autoclave Processes (VARTM, Resin Infusion, Oven curing, wet/prepreg layup

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Highlighted by our metal bonding technology, we fabricate metallic details and subassemblies using aluminium alloys, titanium, stainless steel and other materials. We support our fabrication processes with tooling design and engineering capabilities.

  • Metal bond
  • Roll forming, break forming
  • Die cutting
  • 6 axis water jet cutting

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Avcorp's machining technology allows for the manufacture of complex shaped aerostructures with tolerances that produce accurate, repeatable results. Our machining technologies allow us to produce parts ranging from small, detail components to large, single-piece composite structures. We have proven experience machining a wide range of materials including aluminium, titanium, superalloys, carbon fibre, fibreglass, Kevlar and epoxy composites.

  • 3, 4, 5 axis CNC machining
  • 6 axis water jet cutting

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Avcorp has a full suite of surface finishing technologies.

  • Shot peening
  • Solution heat treating
  • Chromic acid anodizing
  • Phosphoric acid anodizing
  • Skin polishing
  • Electro polishing
  • Natural and artificial aging

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Avcorp has a robust quality management system (QMS) supported by extensive inspection resources. Our QMS incorporates continuous improvement initiatives that enhance the reliability of our supply.

  • Non-Destructive Inspection
    • Ultrasonic Inspection
      • Immersion Testing (A-scan & C-scan)
      • Pulse-echo
      • Through transmission
    • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
    • Dimensional Inspection
  • Hardness Testing
  • Surface Roughness Testing
  • Metallographic Analysis
  • Chemical Solution Analysis
  • Skydol/Hydraulic Fluid Contamination Testing
  • Salt Spray Testing
  • Test Coupon Conditioning
  • Perishable Material Testing
  • Mechanical Testing

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Avcorp provides kitting integrated to our customers' production logistics with just-in-time and point-of-use delivery.

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Avcorp supports customer programs with robust engineering resources and qualifications. Our expertise spans every stage of the aircraft lifecycle, providing the experience to develop smarter, longer lasting solutions

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Avcorp supplies aircraft operators and MROs with innovative repair services for extensively damaged aerostructures. With over 800 approved repair schemes readily available and the ability to develop new schemes, we are able to return heavily damaged components to service, even those beyond SRM limits.

All repair activities are handled through Comtek Advanced Structures in Burlington, Ontario.

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